Middelweg 85a

2312 KJ Leiden

 telefoon 071-513 33 65


All European Dental Associations and the Dutch Government have strongly recommended,

that we suspend all non-essential or non-urgent dental care untill the 4/5 because of the Corona Virus.

If you need urgent dental care, please proceed to the site of the emergency service via the following link:


Only the following situations are considered urgent:



Uncontrolable bleading from a wound

Unbearable pain.

Please keep in mind, that at this time, all medical emergency clinics are very busy. 

Please do not call them in case of:

Lost vullings


Smaller, non-painful fractures



Please feel free to make use of our online booking system by clicking on the yellow

 highlighted link below.


****Please notice the following when making online appointments:****



Would you like to see our online booking in English?

Please adjust your computer to display in English,

and our online booking system will automatically be shown in English.

Provide only your first name and surname (last name) as written in your passport and select sex

(Failing to do so can lead to problems with payment by your (Dutch) health insurance).

If your last name includes van, der/ de / El ect. omit when filling in last name.

Making your first appointment? Please sign in as "nieuw".

Have you visited us before? Make sure to sign in as "Bestaand".

Would you like to have your teeth cleaned? Do not forget to book the hygiƫnist separately.

There is NO option for cancelling an appointment via the online booking system.

Please e-mail or phone us in case of cancellations.


What to do in case of dental emergencies:


Is our office closed? Do you need to see a dentist immediately?


24/7 on-call dentists, surgeons and a number of

 different specialists are available to our patients via

"365 Dental Clinics" with offices in:



Piet Heinkade 215

 1019 HM Amsterdam



Den Haag

 Burgemeester Hovylaan 78

 2552 AZ Den Haag




We do not participate in the "Spoeddienst Leiden".

This means that you will NOT be able to book emergency dental service through them, and you will be turned down!!

As of 01 January 2020, the rates for dental treatments will again be legally determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).





As in 2019, in 2020 the following also applies:

If you do not have an additional dental coverage by a Dutch insurance company,

we kindly ask you  to pay at the reception (cash or pin only, no credit card) on the day of your appointment.